So you want to join the Monty Python Web Ring?
If you think that you have a site worthy of the elite few that do actually manage to join the high respected Monty Python Web Ring then here are the instructions to join (if you qualify you stupid git!):
First: press this button:
Second: Now that you realize that the Button doesn't do anything, choose a Ring Logo (courtesy of Erika Mays-Marshall) and Save it to your computer as MontyPythonRing
(I'm stupid, tell me how to do that)

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Third: Copy the HTML code (in purple) that follows and save it as a text file in notepad or someother text editor or just insert it into your web page (note: don't forget to alter the logo dimensions, email of site owner, site owner, and site ID {note that your site ID will be given to you after you complete the next step} before inserting it into your web page)

<TD WIDTH="25%">

<TD WIDTH="50%">
<CENTER>This <A HREF=";home" target="_parent">Monty
Python Web Ring</A> Site is owned by</CENTER>

<CENTER><I><A HREF="">The Looney Party</A>.</I></CENTER>

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5 Sites</A> | <A HREF=";id=1;sprev" target="_parent">Skip
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<CENTER>[<A HREF=";id=1;next" target="_parent">Next</A>
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<CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1>[</FONT><A HREF=";id=1;next5" target="_parent">Next
5 Sites</A> | <A HREF=";random" target="_parent">Random
Site</A> | <A HREF=";list" target="_parent">List

<CENTER>Want to <A HREF="" target="_parent">join?</A></CENTER>



<CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1><A HREF=";home" target="_parent">Monty
Python Web Ring</A> made possible by the <A HREF="" target="_parent">Webring.</A></FONT></CENTER>

<CENTER><img src="" width=107 height=58 border=0 align=center></CENTER>

Fourth: Fill out this form and click submit.

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In Internet Explorer or Netscape, right click on the image and choose "Save As" (or something similar).