About the Python

We, The Looney Party, are proud to announce that we are the awarders of The Python
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The Looney Party calls The Python "The most prestigious award received only by the most highly acclaimed Web Sites."

The Categories

The Most Original Comedy On The Web
THE Most Original Comedy On The Web.
The Best Web Page In Existence
The Web Page With The Most Annoying Qualities
The Web Page With The Best Blinking Word On It
The Web Page With The Most Awards
The Web Page That, When You Stare At It With Partially Opened Eyes (That Is Eyes That Are At Least Half-Way Closed,     But Not All The Way Closed, And They Have Enough Of The Eye Open So That You Can See Through, But Not very Clearly, As It Is A Bit Blurry, But It Is Still Possible To Make Out Images, Just Not Very Well) And At The Appropriate Angle Of 125.345763524966341290000345667768123408769 Degrees, There Is An Orangish Dot In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Upper Two Thirds Of The Lower Half Of The Page.
The Web Page that most pleases The Looney Party
The Winner of Last Year's Award Award
The Winner of No Awards Award

The Winners

The Quest For The Evil Cup Of Non-Biodegradability
for The Website With The Best Use Of The Words "Evil", "Cup", and "Biodegradability" (Oct. 8, 2003)
Bulletin Brash Reflections: Star Wars: The Jedi's Sink: The Phantom Return of the Empires New Hope Strikes Back Parts I-V
  for The Most Original Comedy On The Web (Feb. 16, 1999)